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CMMC APAC is a group of experienced and qualified partners in cybersecurity, cyber risk management, legal, consulting and executive placement.  They provide organisations with advisory services for the design and delivery of CMMC compliance, cyber risk management, cybersecurity oversight and assurance and organisational design.

We have all held senior leadership positions and are experienced in board advisory and educating boards in cyber security, delivering executive governance, oversight and assurance.

Executive governance

Cyber security sits as a significant risk at the feet of the board table.  The long-term prognoses for cyber and the board is that cyber will only become a more significant risk as the digital economy grows.  The cost of cyber compliance is high as is the costs of cyber remediation post incident.  Regulatory compliance is increasing, with regulators from many sectors focusing on cyber risk management.  The EU GDPR,  California’s data protection regulations (CCPA, 01.01.2020), New York Department of Financial Services (NYDFS) cyber regulation and China’s internet security law (01.06.17). CMMC will implement cyber regulation across the US DoDs DIB. Require independent and on-going oversight and assurance of an organisations cyber maturity. Cyber requires board oversight and assurance to ensure the board room remains up to date on cyber related issues, manage the organisations cyber maturity in line with FCI and CUI requirements and manage the potential damage to financial statements in the event of a cyber attack.

The CMMC-APAC provides training and awareness on the CMMC to its partners to enable them to prepare board policy and procedures related to CMMC to their customers. We also recommend the 6clicks platform for the conduct of board level risk reviews and reporting.

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